Thank you for your interest in the JuLi Registry, a research project with the goal of helping doctors, their patients and, ultimately, society at large  better understand how hemp-derived CBD and cannabis-based formulations may benefit patients with disease related symptoms and other health conditions.

The JuLi Registry is seeking patients willing to participate in a 3-month study about their choice to use hemp-derived CBD or cannabis-based products to manage specific symptoms.

People with the following symptoms may be eligible for this study: chronic pain, anxiety, neuropathy, appetite issues, nausea, sleep issues and menopausal symptoms.

You may join the study either through a participating medical provider or use a self-directed approach.

If you wish to participate, you will be asked to:

  • See if you qualify and sign a study consent form
  • Select and purchase products from a list, based on your symptom. (Product availability is dependent on state and local laws.)
  • Answer a set of symptom-specific surveys delivered by email at various time points over three months (6 in total)
  • Use a mobile journaling app, Strainprint, to confidentially record your experience with your selected products

You will be provided modest compensation in the form of gift cards, from a variety of retailers, for completing the enrollment and follow up surveys.

See if You Qualify

To see if you may qualify, please answer the questions below: