Juli Registry FAQ’s

The JuLi Registry is a research study aimed at understanding how people utilizing hemp-derived CBD and/or cannabis-based products manage symptoms associated with personal health conditions. Data from this study will help researchers understand how these products may benefit people in managing select symptoms.

People with chronic pain, anxiety, poor appetite, sleeplessness, nausea, neuropathy or menopausal symptoms may be eligible.

The JuLi Registry is sponsored by Juva Life, a life science company with pharmaceutical research and development operations along with consumer-facing operations in the cannabis space. It is managed by a group of research physicians called Targeted Medical Education Research. It is performed under the oversight of an IRB (Institutional Review Board) called WCGIRB. An IRB is a group of people who perform independent review of research studies to make sure the rights and welfare of research subjects are protected.

Benefits of participation may include having personal access to information about your own experience with a hemp-or cannabis-based product which may help you gain insights on effective symptom management for yourself.

You are also helping researchers to gain a better understanding of how cannabis and hemp-based formulations and dosing schedules benefit patients with disease related symptoms and other health conditions. People with symptoms like pain, poor appetite, anxiety and sleeplessness in the future may benefit from the information obtained from this research.

Because everyone has a different endocannabinoid system, you may not benefit personally from this research.

  • See if you qualify and sign a study consent form
  • Select and purchase products from a list, based on your symptom. (Product availability is dependent on state and local laws.)
  • Answer a set of symptom-specific surveys delivered by email and via the study journaling app at various time points over three months (6 in total)
  • Download and use a mobile journaling app, Strainprint, to confidentially record your experience with your selected products.

Yes. you may join the study using a self-directed approach.  You will still need to follow all the steps required to be a study participant.  You will have to qualify by answering eligibility questions, carefully read and sign the study  informed consent form and follow all the other steps required to participate in the study.  https://juvaresearch.com

All study specific surveys will be sent to you on the following schedule:

  • Baseline (first survey)  once you are registered, via email.
    It is critical that you take the survey after you have your product in hand and you are ready to take  your first dose.)
  • Follow up surveys at 1,2, 3, 4 weeks, 2 months, 3 months, via the app.  The timeline for follow up surveys begins after you submit your first baseline survey,  take your medication for the first time, and record a session in the app. Follow up surveys will be sent to you through notifications within the app. Simply click on the notification to go to the survey.

We ask you to use the journaling app every time you take your selected product. You will also complete study surveys within the app. Use of the app activates survey delivery. And helps provide additional data that is important for the study and may be valuable to you.

The JuLi Registry data is hosted and managed by Strainprint, the most robust cannabis journaling app in the world.

Be assured that your personal information is secured and protected under HIPAA (Health Insurance, Portability and Accounting Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation— the strongest security law in the world), among others.

You will receive compensation for completing the study surveys, in the form of gift cards.

You will receive compensation for completing the study surveys at the end of Month One, Month Two and Month Three.

The compensation is $25 for the baseline survey and $15 for each of the follow up surveys. If you complete all the surveys you will be eligible for a total of $115 worth of gift cards.

Once data is collected from you and other participants, it will be analyzed for possible publication in medical journals, for the purposed of developing treatment guidelines or for product development.

All information will be de-identified; you will never be individually identified in any publications or even internally to study researchers or scientists involved with Juva.

If you agree to participate in the Registry, we will collect certain health information about you including your symptom, underlying health conditions, product choice and usage and symptom relief. We will only collect information that is needed to meet the research aims of and successfully execute this Registry.

Be assured that your personal information is secured and protected under HIPAA (Health Insurance, Portability and Accounting Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation— the strongest security law in the world), among others.

Those involved in creating, maintaining, and using the Registry are required by law to protect your identifiable health information. Any identifiable health information recorded in the Registry (which include medical history, age, mobile phone number and email address) will be encrypted (special coding designed to manage and protect private information). This encryption will help restrict access of your identifiable health information to approved parties only.

Both email and phone numbers are required as part of registration. But will only be used to send you surveys, prompt you when your next survey is due and remind you to use the app.

To see if you qualify, visit: https://juvaresearch.com

If you qualify, you will be directed to sign the Registry study consent form.

After you sign the consent form, you will be directed to a webpage where you must register for the study.

Registration requires that you:

  • Answer the required registration questions
  • Agree to the Strainprint licensing terms (for use of the study app)

Once you register, you will receive a “Welcome to Strainprint”  email which includes an invitation to download their journaling app.  You can download it  from either Google Play or the Apple app store.

Your email will include two important things:

  • A link to your baseline (first) survey (to complete once you have your selected product in hand)
  • Your login credentials for the Strainprint app (and links to download the app)

You will also receive a baseline (first) survey to complete. Complete the survey once you have your selected product in hand.

Please mark Strainprint as one of your Safe Senders since they may periodically need to communicate with you via email over the course of the study.

We encourage you to use the Strainprint journaling app to record your daily use of and experiences with the hemp or cannabis product you have selected. You will also record any changes in products used via the app. This will help researchers understand day to day use of your selected product/s and how they are working to manage your symptom. Use of the app also activates study survey delivery.

You will receive reward points every time you record a session in the Strainprint app.

Note: you must download the app and use it at least once when you first start taking your selected product so that Strainprint can send you follow up surveys at the proper time.

The questions you are answering help study personnel to communicate with you, make sure that you have exclusive access to your account and that only approved data for research is shared with the researchers. In addition, some of the questions will help researchers understand the results of your experience using hemp or cannabis to manage your selected symptom. Your name is NOT included as part of the study data; it is just used to ensure that the database host (Strainprint) has confirmed they are registering you securely.

You should expect to get an email from Strainprint with the subject “Welcome to Strainprint “ within minutes of completing registration.

If you don’t, please check your junk or spam mail folders and then mark Strainprint as a “Safe Sender.”   If you still don’t have an email, please call Juva Customer Support for further assistance.

Please review and select your product from the Product and Dosing Guide. Information on where to purchase your product is included in the guide.

Product and state and local law depending, you may obtain your products from local dispensaries/delivery services or directly from the manufacturer.

Product availability is subject to state and local laws. Your choice may be limited to hemp-derived CBD products.

If you need assistance choosing or purchasing your product, please call Juva at 669-696-JUVA (5882).

Note: You are required to cover the cost of your products.

JUVA customer support can answer any questions you may have about the products, whether you choose to buy via JUVA or from your local retailers.  Please call (669) 696-JUVA (5882) if you have any questions. 

You are able to download the app from either the Apple app store or Google Play. Instructions, along with your login credentials, are included in the Welcome to Strainprint email you got from upon registering.

Your login credentials are included in the “Welcome to Strainprint” email you got from Strainprint upon registering. Once you have your credentials and downloaded the app, open the app on your mobile device and enter your provided login credentials. Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder if you don’t see the email in your inbox.

Recording every dose within the app helps researchers correlate symptoms with products, doses and symptom relief. If you forget to record a dose, you can’t go back and record it, but please remember to record your future doses. To help you remember to record your sessions, the app will send you daily reminders. Make sure to have notifications turned on.

You may call JUVA customer support who will direct you to the proper person who can answer your specific questions.  (669) 696-JUVA (5882).