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Cannabis-Based Medication Recommendation And Dosing Schedule

 The cannabis products listed on these pages were selected from currently available research that indicates potential effectiveness in addressing certain symptoms.

1. Select a preferred delivery method for your particular target symptom.

2. It is recommended that you start with the first dosing recommendation. If that does not work, move to the second and then third dosing recommendations. 

3. If your initial product selection did not work, and you wish to continue, select another delivery method and progress through those dosing recommendations.

4. If none of these products/doses work, please contact your provider or call JUVA for a product consultation at (669) 696-JUVA (5882).

Each of us has our own endocannabinoid system and individual responses may differ. We encourage you to be patient and try the different doses and products recommended here to manage your symptom.Remember to give any selected product a few days to a week to work before changing dosing or products. 

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