The Strainprint JuLi Registry app is where you:

1. Track your product use

The app is designed to help you journal and record use of your selected product for the Juli Registry. 

Use the app journaling function once daily or if you are not using your product daily, whenever you do take it.

  • A complete journaling session includes two interactions with the app: when you initially take your product, then at an appropriate time period after taking the product.
  • The app will prompt you to complete the journal tracking session within 20 minutes to 8 hours after beginning your dosing session.
  • You will get daily reminders to record sessions. You will get prompted to complete a session. 

2. Get your follow up surveys and receive other important notifications regarding your participation (i.e., reminders to take your required surveys and record product use)

How To Use The App:

Install the app:

You are able to download the app from either the Apple app store or Google Play.
Instructions, along with your login credentials, are included in the Welcome to Strainprint” email you got from upon registering.

Your login credentials are included in the “Welcome to Strainprint” email you got from Strainprint upon registering.  Once you have your credentials and downloaded the app, open the app on your mobile device and enter your provided login credentials.  Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder if you don’t see the email in your inbox. 

You may change and personalize your password once you have entered your initial login credentials.

Enable Notifications:

It is critical that you enable your notifications for the Strainprint app on your mobile device/s so that you can receive follow-up study surveys and reminders to track your sessions.

When launching the app for the first time, you will get a prompt to allow notifications.  Please select Allow. 

Alternatively, you may edit your notifications settings later in your system settings (dependent on your devices operating system).

In addition, the app will show you a notification (called a badge) that lets you know that an action is required, but you must  turn that functionality on.

Use the app to record product experience:

Track your first session (after you have your product in hand and you have completed your baseline survey):

1. Open app


2. Click the “Track Session” icon

Do this every time you take your dose, if possible.

3. Select additional symptoms you are tracking

When you use the app, you will get asked to select up to three symptoms to track. Each of the options are associated symptoms that relate to your primary symptom. For example, if your primary symptom is anxiety, you may have associated symptoms like nausea and sleeplessness.

IMPORTANT NOTE for Insomnia, Anxiety and Nausea Participants: Please always include your primary symptom as one of the three associated symptoms you select that we can track effectiveness of your chosen product on your primary and associated symptoms.

4. Record the severity of the symptom/s prior to taking your selected product.

The app will prompt you for each selected symptom.




5. Select your Product

Select whichever product from the list of approved products you are currently using to participate in the Registry.

6. Complete Your Session

The app will send you a notification to complete the session

Notifications arrive within 20 minutes to 8 hours after beginning your dosing session.  They are dependent upon primary symptom and product choice. 

  • Click the “Complete Session” button.
  • Answer the prompted questions and enter any personal notes, if you choose.
  • Click “Complete Tracking”.

Use of the app activates survey delivery and ensures receipt of the surveys at the proper intervals over the course of the study. 

Don’t forget to record product use every time you use it!

Other things you can do in the app:

You can use the MyStats section to look at your reported results to date in summarized formats. 

Explore this section if you like!