Thank you for your interest in The Juva Impact Study, a research project intended to give doctors, their patients and, ultimately, society at large a better understanding of how cannabis-based medications may benefit patients with disease related symptoms and other health conditions.  

The Juva Impact Study is seeking patients willing to participate in a 3-month study about their choice to use cannabis-based products (CBD only or THC:CBD combo products) to manage specific symptoms. People with the following symptoms may be eligible for this study: Chronic pain, anxiety, neuropathy, appetite issues, nausea, sleep issues and menopausal symptoms.

The goal of the Study is to begin to correlate symptoms with cannabis-based management approaches to help researchers develop a better understanding of how cannabis-based medications, along with specific formulations and dosing schedules, benefit patients with disease-related symptoms and other health conditions.

If you qualify, you will make your own choices of cannabis products and dosing, but be provided with tailored recommendations for cannabis products and dosing based on currently available information, either through a self-guided approach or through a participating medical provider. The product choices are tailored to your symptom and availability based on legal requirements in your state.

You will be asked to use a mobile data collection app to confidentially complete a questionnaire about your targeted symptom and the current ways you are using cannabis to manage this symptom over time. You will track your use of the recommended cannabis products and answer questions about your response to cannabis at various time points over three months. Specifically, you will be asked to complete an enrollment survey when you join and brief follow up surveys at 1, 2, 3, 4 weeks, 2 and 3 months.

You will be provided modest compensation for completing the enrollment and follow up surveys. To see if you may qualify, please answer the questions below: