There’s more to the concept of Vertical Integration than having control over each step of the process.

These days, there’s no shortage of buzz in the cannabis industry around the concept of vertical integration. For all the right reasons, the ability to control quality at every step of the process, from seed to sale, is now widely recognized as a key to success. And yet, it’s important to consider that not all vertical integration is created equal.

At Juva, our leadership team built, or is currently building, every link in the supply chain ourselves, from the ground up, over the course of more than a decade’s worth of experience in all facets of the cannabis industry. Unlike most companies touting vertical integration, Juva hasn’t relied on mergers and acquisitions to make it work. We are building out every channel ourselves. In cultivation, extraction, research and development and retail we’ve created, managed and sold several entities. We’ve learned what works in each area, and we’re applying that knowledge at each step. 

By rethinking, and expanding the very definition of Vertical Integration, we’re taking the benefits  – quality, consistency and proven medical efficacy – several steps further.

The Imperative: Consistent Quality

The Juva approach to Vertical Integration goes beyond simply overseeing all aspects of the process. Because we’ve created cultivation, extraction, distribution, delivery and retail facilities, we can apply that depth of knowledge at each phase of the company’s growth.

Just as importantly, by not purchasing or farming out parts of the process, we’re not taking on other organization’s missteps and challenges. We’ve already prepared for the multitude of issues that can arise along the way. The result is not only higher product quality, but the highest operational efficiency as well. This ensures the best ROI and liquidity for our investors.

The Ultimate Goal: Medical Efficacy

While Juva’s Vertical Integration model, along with an unprecedented depth of experience, has the company well-positioned for immediate growth in the adult-use cannabis marketplace, there remains a loftier goal. Juva was created to do something few, if any, cannabis companies have done before. We will create research grade formulations of precision cannabis products based on real world evidence. To accomplish this, we treat Vertical Integration as a feedback loop, instead of an end-to-end process. Unlike other cannabis companies, our process doesn’t end at the sale. Our ultimate goal is to collect patient reported outcomes to continue to improve our products.

Our team of California Board Certified Physicians came to Juva out of a desire to help the medical field be more informed in recommending cannabis treatment plans. They’ve determined that the best way to get the right effect for the right people at the right time is to focus our research on consistent patient outcomes. Working closely with Juva’s leaders in the business operation of the California cannabis marketplace, we’re focusing on medical efficacy by creating products with predictable and reproducible outcomes.

A Model For The Industry

At Juva, while we’ll continue to form key strategic alliances as we grow and expand our footprint, our mission is to stay true to our Vertical Integration model. It’s the best way we know to achieve our most important objective – developing proven, effective, research-grade formulations that help more people benefit from the positive effects of cannabis. It’s also the best way possible to ensure we have a solid path for success today and well into the future.