“But as I came to see the lives it improves, it seemed like we could at least change the cannabis industry – making it more open, honest and, frankly, more informative and helpful. And, just maybe, we could help change the medical industry, too – working with leading doctors and researchers to realize the amazing potential for helping people feel better. And then, next thing you know, the world doesn’t seem so unchangeable.


At Juva, we’re always looking for investors who share our passion for advancing both the cannabis industry and the medical profession to help more people feel better.


Keep connected as we work to advance the cannabis industry and the medical profession to help more people feel better.


    It’s simple. We want to help people feel better. To do that, we aspire to not only make premier-quality cannabis more available to the people who can benefit, but also to be a model for our industry in helping people become more informed and confident about how cannabis can help them. In that way, we’re flipping the current model for our industry. Instead of exploring how much we can sell, we’re focused on realizing how much we can help. Instead of trying to become the biggest, we’re doing cutting-edge scientific research to lead our industry in accurate data and labeling. Instead of telling and selling, we start by asking and listening to the people who depend on us for relief. Because, at Juva, that’s the only way we know to help people feel better.


    At Juva Life, we’re proud to offer the relief that comes from having access to the highest quality, most consistent and medically-effective cannabis available anywhere. But we’re just as proud, and just as committed, to offering a different kind of relief as well…the assurance that comes from fully understanding everything you need to know about how cannabis can help you. What kind will work best? How should I take it? How much is the right amount? What effects can I expect? As a medically-led, research-driven, vertically-integrated organization, we do the hard work, the research, the testing, the labeling and the individual counseling to make people more informed, responsible consumers of cannabis. We challenge ourselves to stay at the leading-edge of science and medical efficacy. To us, it’s the only way we know to reach our goal of advancing both the cannabis industry and the medical profession to help more people feel better.


    There’s no better way to assure the quality, consistency and efficacy of cannabis than to control every step of the process. From seed to sale, as they say. Here at Juva, however, we take it one step further. Native Vertical Integration means that every element is not only under the control of a single organization, but was developed from the ground up by the same people. Juva didn’t come to vertical integration by purchasing or partnering with other operations. Doug and his team have been directly involved growing the organizations in our supply chain. From Cultivation to manufacturing to quality control, testing and research to distribution to dispensaries and delivery services. Everything was founded and grown by Juva, taking the concept of Vertical Integration to a higher level of confidence and quality control.


    Unlike a lot of companies rushing to find more cannabis customers, we’re putting our effort into creating more informed cannabis consumers. In that way, we’re flipping the current model. Instead of trying to see how much we can sell, we’re focused on seeing how much we can help. Instead of creating clever new brands and exploiting market niches, we’re doing cutting-edge scientific research and leading our industry in accurate data and labeling. Instead of telling and selling, we start by asking and listening. Because, at Juva, we believe that deciding if, when and how to use cannabis is an incredibly important and deeply personal decision. So, we feel responsibility to educate people about the many potentially positive effects of cannabis. But, also to guide them through the journey of discovery and understanding what works best for each person who entrusts us to help them feel better.