The Company

From Groundbreaking Cannabis Company
Founded by pioneers in the science and business of cannabis and guided by a team of highly-acclaimed medical professionals, Juva Life brings unprecedented depth of knowledge in the science and medicinal effects of cannabis. Their vertically integrated approach allows Juva Life to carefully oversee every aspect of development, from cultivation to consumer, with deep expertise in research, testing and efficacy. It’s an approach that enables not only quality and consistency of product but, most importantly, it assures accuracy and legitimacy of testing and research data. 


To Major Disruptor of the Healthcare Status Quo
Juva Life has always taken a knowledge-driven approach to advancing the therapeutic effects of cannabis. Today, that approach has them uniquely poised to unlock the complex chemistry of cannabis to efficiently bring evidentiary consumer products to market that generate revenue and learning insights while also identifying new compositions, targets and mechanism of action to serve as valuable licensing opportunities for big Pharma. At a time when trust and efficiency in all levels of healthcare, the opportunity to help people feel more in control of their health is welcome and exciting for patients and a potential game-changer for the healthcare industry.