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California has the quality cues and disrupter mindset to lead the industry, and Juva is positioned perfectly.

The one constant in California is rapid change. With its anything-can-happen sense of limitless possibilities, California is consistently at the forefront of a wide range of commercial and cultural innovations, from world-class wines to technologies that directly impact our everyday lives, California is always several steps ahead.

The cannabis industry is no exception. Few places in the country have a history with cannabis like the Golden State. More than 60 years ago, California’s Beats, Bohemians and new age thought leaders began the process of mainstreaming cannabis. As the first adopter of medical marijuana, and with an established reputation for high-quality growing regions, California finds itself, once again, in a leadership position for another bourgeoning industry.

And yet, none of this guarantees success for cannabis companies that choose to do business here. There are still plenty of complexities and barriers in all facets of the industry. Navigating them requires deep local expertise and highly regarded connections – two key strengths of the leadership team at Juva.

An Experienced Guide for The Journey

Here in California, success depends on what you know, who you know, and most importantly, a whole lot of real world, practical, hands-on experience at all levels of the California cannabis industry. Few organizations have more of that boots-on-the-ground knowledge and expertise than Juva, starting with Founder and CEO Doug Chloupek. Having established and managed companies in cultivation, manufacturing, research and retail, Doug has the supply chain covered. He has created substantial value for consumers and investors during his 10+ years in the cannabis industry. As a pioneer in helping to bring research-based product information to consumers, Doug was granted the first license in California for medical cannabis manufacturing and research from the city of Berkeley in 2016.

The rest of the Juva team reads like a who’s who of California cannabis industry experts and highly-acclaimed medical researchers and clinicians. There are accomplished professionals at the head of each channel in the vertically integrated model – a model for early and long-term success in California and beyond.

Filling In The Gaps

As a fairly mature market, growth in California is dependent on finding niches. Juva has been very strategic in this regard, finding opportunity to fill the gaps in several areas, starting with geography. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Juva will offer comprehensive coverage for retail and delivery of consistent, quality products. With four distribution licenses and five delivery licenses, Juva is poised to become this important region’s name brand for cannabis. 

Beyond location, Juva has the ability to develop and introduce products that fill very specific market needs, particularly on the medical side. Using ongoing research based on patient-reported outcomes Juva’s advanced facilities will be able to create highly precise, effect-based formulations to treat an array of ailments. The data-driven approach also means Juva offers people and physicians the comfort of having a deeper knowledge about the effects of cannabis. Juva knows cannabis customers care about this. Call it a desire for proof of concept.

Creating Opportunity For All

Another key advantage to having the experience and facilities needed to find success in California is Juva’s ability to assist brands searching for quality manufacturing and distribution. Both local and brands based in other legal states. With a comprehensive set of product development skills and facilities, Juva can help brands solidify their foothold in California with a trusted partner. Juva offers white label manufacturing and help with all other phases of bringing products to the marketplace.

Here among the connoisseurs and digerati of NorCal, our spirit of innovation is opening doors of boundless opportunities for those with the skills and experience to succeed.